Our Services


Branded promotional products are a useful advertising and marketing tool. We supply top-notch promotional items that brand and package your business to be outstanding among your competitors. They are made with utmost expertise to increase your brand visibility and build a reputable name for your business.

Creative Design

We have a dedicated team of creative designers who are committed to delivering the best conceptual design that your budget can buy. Equipped with a rich experience in marketing, advertising, graphic design. We guide most of our clients through the toughest communication problems and deliver an engaging/ effective solution on time and on budget.


Digital printing is a value-priced alternative to the four-color process. It is great for short or long-term signage or presentation products. Our digital experts offer the highest quality graphics and rapid turnaround times for this service to tell your brand’s story in the best way to the right audience.


Our methodology is designed to craft engaging memorable experiences that propels your brand by building and maintaining valuable relationships with your consumers.

Web Design

We design bespoke, fully-responsive and aesthetically beautiful websites to facilitate an easy interaction between your business and your target market whilst maintaining a professional outlook and giving the user a great user-friendly experience.

Laser Engraving

This is a process in which a laser beam is used to remove material from a surface, creating an image or design. The laser beam is directed at the material and melts, vaporizes or burns away small sections of it to create the desired image or design. This process can be used on a variety of materials to create detailed and precise images/ designs.

Our Benefits

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This is an integral part of our client service culture. We conduct detailed and valuable research to find the true essence of your business by clearly evaluating your target clients, needs, challenges and aspirations/priorities to eventually validate your decisions.

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We have an able team of out-of-home creative experts who are laser-focused on delivering the tasks bestowed upon us by the clients.

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Hensa Outdoor & Digital Advertising Products and Services team makes it easier to make the power of advertising to work for you.

How we do it

We take time to holistically understand your key strategies, goals/objectives, challenges and opportunities so as to facilitate impactful results.